Established in 2020, Unsocials is a new age Marketing Agency, headquartered in Jaipur, Rajasthan. It despite being new, has worked with worldwide customers from various business verticals. Unsocials sits pretty amidst the cultural gem of India which mirrors our creative work as well. As a full-service digital marketing agency, we provide content creation, social media, web design, internet marketing, SEO, Mobile Optimisation, Design communication, Analytics and more to businesses large and small that are looking to broadcast their messages more efficiently as per their target audience.


Today, Unsocials is run by a close-knit team with experts in all facets of digital marketing. The innovative, creative and exceptional work has helped
Unsocials blossom into a full-fledged digital marketing agency, apt in bringing life to brands - strategically, creatively and technically.

As we grow, we are committed to the vision that founded our guiding force and success

• Creative Output
• Highest Quality Standard
• Personalised Attention

• Futuristic Thinking
• Customised Solutions
• ROI Focused Strategy

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Social Media Marketing

At Unsocials, we know what it means to be or not to be socially active. Thus, we have a strong team of social media experts handling SM platforms diligently .... Being a social media agency, we understand the absence of hard-hitting social media advertising for your business and how adversely it can affect your digital marketing campaign. Our main aim is to put you ahead along with your brand using all digital assets. Whether it's paid social, organic search, or graphics, we know how to creatively put your brand across the spectrum to increase awareness, garner more customers or promote an ongoing campaign. With Unsocials, your social presence is guaranteed!
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Google/FB Ads

Drive sales with proven Google and FB Ads! One of the best ways to reach your target audience is through Google and FB ads. With the help are social media advertising Google and Facebook ad campaigns .... help small and Big business owners to increase brand awareness exponentially. Not only this, business owners can get tremendous help in boosting lead generation and conversion rate. awareness, boost lead generation, and boost your conversion rate. Use our services for targeted FB and Google ads for as low as INR 500 to create, monitor, and execute your Digital campaigns.
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Graphic Design

All businesses have to stay up-to-date as far as the design world is concerned. It's ok if you like Retro theme, and it works with some campaigns but being intentionally outdated will not.... draw enough users to your site or content. Whether it's a formal sales pitch, new social media posts or logos for your brand - graphic design literally infuses colors in your brand. With changing times, the design also changes keeping in mind the preference of the users as new trends and concepts emerge. At Unsocials, we don't want you to be called out as outdated or redundant or face away into obscurity by not adapting to the new world. At Unsocials, we treat Graphic Design as our craft. We live and breathe colors to brands to help them stand out. Take a loot at some of our work.
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Influencer Marketing

At Unsocials, we create and develop effective influencer marketing strategies suited to individual needs. Based on your unique brand and marketing goals, we give shape to the most ....effective influencer strategy for you. This includes connecting and networking with the right social media/digital influencers for all platforms, bloggers, vloggers, and all kinds of content creators in the digital media spectrum at the best prices. We take care of creating and executing creative concepts and campaign execution including ROI. We help you ensure you get your money's worth and results by engaging with your audience the right way.
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Web Development

Let us walk you through the technical world We keep the varied needs of businesses in mind to assist you in web development At Unsocials, we strive to deliver the best web solutions for you..... We are experienced in working on CSS, HTML, JS, PHP, Java, .NET, etc. The Unsocials team is adept at creating web applications as well. We back our work with solid documentation, problem-solving, critical thinking, and years of experience of our team members.
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As per a recent survey, 75% of the customers judge a brand by their website. 72% of the customers will leave a website within ten seconds if they don't feel engaged by the design, layout, or user interface..... Over 90% of the customers do not trust a business with an outdated website. More than 50% of the customers do not trust a business that hasn't optimized its mobile site. Unsocials vibrant and youthful team knows the worth of designing great experiences for the customers. We understand when building a website, overall appeal is important to leave a lasting and positive impact on your audience - within the first few seconds. Your website is the window to your business. A quality website can help engage your audience. which can help them learn in detail about your product and services - turning them into leads. Unsocials can help you with creating engaging web page designs, capable of capturing the users’ attention quickly. We also follow current web design practices on the website, which directly impact the Search Engines to crawl and index your website. So, what are you waiting for? Partner up today with us to reinvigorate your website.
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Our Clients


Unsocials has been an extremely professional brand with a great team to cater to all your content needs. Rohan Bansal was excellent with his graphic designing skills and understands what his clients really want aesthetically. His Content Marketing and Social Media Management team has been top-notch with new ideas every now and then. I would definitely recommend them.

Sahil Bansal
Founder of Etaxology

Rohan Bansal's work is truly commendable. He has delivered some amazing work for Shahpura Hotels & Resorts. He is hardworking and have seen him growing day by day. I personally recommend that companies should get their Graphic Designing done from him.

Digraj Singh
Director of Shahpura Hotels

I have a good connection with this company and believed to carry on for many more years. Their working and to understand my taste because I am living abroad and giving my work preference and finishing job on time and with good quality. Amazingly they have their in house team for (graphic design, digital marketing, conetnt writing & social media marketing) which helps me to coordinate at one step and get instant solution. This is absolutely a growing company and my great compliments to it as it grow more and more in the Elite Online Industry.

Tushar Gaur
CEO of Route-16, Pattaya


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